[Transcript] 140922 KTR (Sukira) with Ryeowook

Ryeowook: Our members are all resting, only I still have radio’s schedule hahahahaha and Eunhyuk-ssi.. Wants to watch movie, I must end radio quickly to go. Watching movie later at 12.10am, how do I rush to the venue in 10 min hahaha

Ryeowook said while he is doing radio, members have holidays and have gone to Jeju, Busan etc

Source: 銘儀__
Translated by: Elfninida @elf_ninida

Ryeowook: Just received a message… “Ryeowook are you asleep?” “What asleep… I am doing bora~” “oh… yah” that was sent by a manager who went to Jeju with Kyuhyun… Kyuhyun and Changmin went to Jeju to play together~ 1 of the manager went along too… Now everyone is teasing me (because he is the only 1 who has to work XD)

Source: Giraffe_Girls

Fan wrongly said she loved Hyuk instead of Wook.
RW: Hanging up
Fan: I love oppa’s singing
RW: I’ll tell that to Eunhyuk

Credit: 金圣诞是理想型)

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