Ryeowook’s Birthday Celebration Mini Project

Hi guys, as you know ryeowook’s birthday is coming soon and it’s less than 2 weeks /claps/ so I want to do something on his birthday this year. Not something big, but just a little celebration to help the birthday hashtag to get into the trending topic ^^  So here it is :

I’m going to ask one question in twitter, you just need to answer it by mention me (@milktearw); mention @ryeong9 (So that ryeowook /might/ read it lol); put the birthday #hashtag (Ryeowook’s birthday hashtag will depends) and put your answer. Twitlonger is allowed but less than 140 characters is better. Example :
@milktearw @ryeong9 #Happy28thBirthdayRyeowook I like Ryeowook because he’s cute and talented<3
N.b: The answer that didn’t follow the rule like I’ve stated won’t be count. One account one mention only and please use English!
Okay, so what’s the question? It’s easy, only one question 😀
“What does Ryeowook meant to you?”

I’m going to retweet all of your mentions and two best answer will be given a little gift from me. It’s a ryeowook related gift and a creative handmade thing made by me xD I’m going to start it from Friday, 20th June at 10 pm KST until Saturday, 21st June 10 pm KST. The best answer will be announced two days later.

Last but not least, I hope a lot of ELF especially ryeong stans could participate ^^ I held this celebration just for fun only /tbh/ and to show ryeowook how much we love him and he meant for us♡♡♡ The gift will be announced soon after I’ve finished with itㅋㅋㅋㅋ Thank you for your attention!!


(Find me @milktearw if you have any questions)


2 thoughts on “Ryeowook’s Birthday Celebration Mini Project

  1. Jayri June 11, 2014 at 7:37 pm Reply

    Amazing!! I’m in! I also share it in my Wook’s community page 😀

    • ryeonggu9 June 11, 2014 at 8:19 pm Reply

      thank you for sharing with your fellow ryeong stans :))

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