[Transcript] 130821 KTR (Sukira) with Ryeowook & Eunhyuk

Because it’s Sukira’s 7th anniversary, Eunhyuk DJ is there!

Kyuhyun was planning to come on sukira too but he had a recording ㅠㅠ

Hyuk: I was exercising and.. members don’t text each other much because we see each other every day. He sent “hyung…”
RW: I didn’t say anything else, just “hyung”
Hyuk: and I already knew something was up. he said “It’s Sukira’s 7th anniversary.” I knew it was coming up, but forgot the exact date. I thought, are we going to pass the date without anything special? and when he text me, I didn’t have any schedules, so I came on here.

Hyuk said RW’s DJ-ing skills have gotten much better ^^b

Hyuk mentioned that today is SJ member Kibum’s bday \o/

What is Sukira to EH? EH: in past, it felt like ‘my house’. Now it feels like ‘my cousin’s house’. I still feel comfortable coming here

Hyuk mistook one of the guest’s names. He shouted “miss korea?!? Is she really appearing on here!?” And RW said “no~ that’s a guy~” xD

EH says he tends to forget things a lot. for ex, when he goes out, he is never able to walk out just once. He has to go back several times

EH thought ‘I need to shop when I go to Hawaii!!’ and but when he arrived, he forgot to bring all his cards. He had to use managers’ cards ㅋㅋㅋ he said he felt sorry then for borrowing it ㅋㅋ

RW said when he forgot his school slippers, he would buy them. HJ said he liked sports,& would just receive punishment(for not wearing them)

Eunhyuk is making fun of the script writers ㅋㅋ RW said one of the script writer has gone on diet and EH said “on diet for 7 years!?” and sang 7 years of love w lyrics “have been on diet for 7 years~ nobody noticed~”

RW said “funny wrong answers have come!” and HJ said “na, they are’t funny. just wrong answers~”

RW: I like this style (EH) of DJing ㅋㅋ EH:u have to say boring ones are boring. Bc if u say it’s funny, they’ll believe it’s funny & send more

Talking with the people outside at open studio~♬

HJ: how many fans are out there? Fans: dunno! HJ: count ㅋ Fans: 50! HJ: Everyone, are you hot!? Fans: YES!! HJ: okay Fans: AWW HJ: Are you hot? Fans: YES HJ: then take your hands, and fan yourselves… ㅋㅋ Should I buy Icecreams since it’s 7th anniversary? Fans: u r the best EH oppa! HJ: tell me reasons why I’m the best ㅋㅋ fans: /lists/ HJ: okay~ get your icecreams from script writer later ^^ Fans: OKAY~ HJ: you might gain weight though ㅋㅋ

EH said”healing cafe” w too much strength. RW told him to tone it down a bit, and EH said “no, u gotta be full of ‘fighting’ at this timeㅋㅋ”

EH read introduction for Juniel, and said “female script writer wrote this, but sounds like a pervert when I read it.” ㅋㅋㅋ

RW said HJ’s hair looks like a grapefruit ㅋㅋ

RW: You raise a dog too, right? EH: yes RW: who cleans (the poop)? EH: my mom 8D

RW: I was so surprised! We have a cat in our dorms, and it sits on the toilet and goes to bathroom. I was so shocked

EH: it uses the bidet too. Goes to bathroom, and clicks the button. RW: I was so shocked, I closed the door.

EH: yes, their eyes shake when you watch them go to bathroom. They can’t go to bathroom well if you look ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

sukira- Fan: how about you two make a unit? Grapefruit and grape!
EH: we can only release songs, and not go on shows. No videos.
RW: i’m here! Why not?
EH: (you are the) reason why we can’t. Unless you fix everything kk
RW: fix what? Change what?
EH: please put a full body mirror here~~~
RW: eigo really kkk

Sukira- Ryeowook’s letter Trans

Hello, this is Sukira’s DJ, Super Junior’s Ryeowook. I don’t know what to say because I have so many things to say. Firstly, those who worked the hardest for Sukira to continue for 7 years, the person next to me, Eunhyuk-ee hyung, and the one that’s working hard in army, Super Junior’s leader Teuk-ee Teuk-ee Leeteuk-ee hyung! I am very thankful to these two. I want to see them sit in these seats again and meet the listeners, I should work harder for it to happen. I love you two~!

And Yesung-ee hyung that said “1.5 DJ congratulates Sukira’s 7th anniversary”! Run here when you are released from the army. I will welcome you very strongly. Thank you hyung~

Sungmin-ee hyung that always says that he wants to come back while he’s doing musicals! I matched well with you. Right now, seeing me DJ alone, you are jealous right??? When you held my hands and said “I trust that you will be able to do well”, I was so thankful, I was teary. The reason I am not sitting in the middle is because of you hyung. I always DJ, thinking that you are here too. Hyung, thank you and come back at any time.

I was writing this letter for the listeners but I only mentioned the members. anyways, hyungs and Kyuhyun-ee… are all listeners too so it doesnt matter hehehe

Sukira listeners! I may be a rookie DJ that’s only been DJing for an year and half but. Those who listened in past, those who recently started, those who changed to different channels, those who happened to pass by, thank you all. I will be thankful if you continue to love Sukira. Even if you don’t love Sukira, I will always be here in this seat. Thank you for 7 years. I love you. Love, Ryeowook.

EH: Me too

Translated by: @NKSubs
Shared at sup3rjunior.com by lovekyu7


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