[Transcript] 130808 KTR (Sukira) with Ryeowook

(talk about parents)
ryeowook: my parents always send me message when I do radio broadcasting like “my son is so great today! fighting! i love you!” then after radio broadcasting i’ll go straight calling my mom and say, “mom you’re waiting for my call right?” hahaha

 ryeowook: if in the future i have baby, and looks not that good (not handsome/pretty) i’ll feel very bad…(because) people will say “is your dad isn’t super junior’s member? why are you not handsome? how about daughter?”

Ryeowook: If I have children, I’ll so unhappy if people talk about my children’s appearance. “Her dad is a Super Junior member, why is her face like this? Why is his (son) face like this?” But sometimes if there’s a very good mood, I’ll feel praised.

Credit: @ryeokroy


RW: “black boxes” around me are manager hyungs, and on Sukira, our script writers and PDnims. They remember everything I’ve done wrong~ and recently, I was really thankful about our manager hyung. There was a hole in one of the carriers. Like someone burned it with fire. We couldn’t find who did this. At first, I got mad at manager hyung because managers move all the bags. The damage must have been during transporting it, or in the airplane. But there wouldn’t be a fire on an airplane. But it was burnt. The size of the hole was like a circle (with your thumb and pinkie). What should we do with it? We were wondering, and manager hyung called the airline and asked if we could get compensations for this, and we could. So the problem was solved.

RW: In the beginning, I did something wrong to Heechul-ssi, but (Heechul) wouldn’t talk about it. I didn’t greet him well. Heechul-ssi and Donghae-ssi aren’t the type to come out and talk about it. Unlike VIXX N-ssi (talking about it right away), they just go “Really?” Something like that. They think ‘He’s a kid like that~’ and don’t care. I later dissolved the misunderstanding with him, and a type like N-ssi may be better.

RW: Talking about money, our Heechul-ssi is really strict about money relationships. If I did something worth ’50,000 won’, he’d do something that’s worth 50,000 won to me. Giving it with money or something else. For example, if I helped Heechul-ssi, he would call Sukira to help me, or something like that.

Korean transcript: Fabiola ‏@jwon0508
Korean to English translated by: Nksubs ‏@NKSubs
Shared at sup3rjunior.com by lovekyu7


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