[Transcript] 130730 KTR (Sukira) with Ryeowook

RW: Everyone, I will ask a few (capital-country). Do you know Budapest’s? Hungary! Do you know Helsinki? Yes, Finland! I will go chew gum~ I really want to go there. Stockholm-Sweden is great too. I am looking at many places. Right now, I’m planning for vacation~

Sukira- (At end of phone call with Hyungsik) RW: Thank you for the call~ goodbye~
HS: I love you~
RW: I love you~ (hang up) Hyungsik-ssi always adds “I love you~” in the end of phone calls or texts. At first, I misunderstood him because I thought he was only doing it to me. ‘Oh, why is he doing this?’. But he does it to others too hehe. Because he’s grown up receiving love from everyone, he knows how to give love.

RW: This is personal talk but I always leave a seat empty because I feel like Sungmin-ssi will come. I am doing solo DJ-ing right now, but I always feel like our members will come…

RW: A worry I had was that I usually talk very straight forward. So before I started DJ-ing, Teuk-ee hyung, Leeteuk-ssi gave me an advice ‘Control yourself a bit when doing DJing’.‏ ‘Don’t put your style too much in the broadcast’

Source: Fabiola ‏@jwon0508
Translated by:  Nksubs ‏@NKSubs 
Shared at sup3rjunior.com by dreamhae


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