[Transcript] 130723 KTR (Sukira) with Ryeowook

RW: I am really happy about the fact that I was born in Korea. When we go overseas, we always talk about this. “Aren’t we happy that we’re Korean?” “Korea is really good~!!” hehe

RW: We will be going to Japan for Tokyo Dome concert. And we practiced it. It rained so much today. Enough to make you say “Is there a hole in the sky?”

RW: I usually use cards, so I don’t carry cash. But… It hasn’t been long since I got a car, and I didn’t have cash to pay for valet parking service ㅋㅋ

RW: Henry-ssi do you have a girlfriend? Henry: No 😥 I’m lonely

Goodnight Pops- “더위 먹었어요” ☞ “I am ill from the heat”

RW: I also have that. Among our members, there are some I can (eat together/share food) and some I won’t allow kkk It’s secret who I allow and not allow. There is a member I avoid (sharing with). That member especially puts his mouth on when eating. When drinking soda, he only drinks one sip, and you could drink without putting your mouth on it, right? But he even puts his tongue in and kkk he eats that dirtily. He even crushes the can to drink everything in it kk so our members…

Credit: @NKSubs


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