[Transcript] 130719 Cinetown Radio with Ryeowook & Luna

RW: Our members really like (playing with balls). But since I composed songs in highschool, I played piano. I wasn’t allowed to play basketball at all. I got injured once heh. I didnt play after (getting injured), and members helped me learn how to play

DJ: Ryeowook-goon looks bright and cheerful in normal life, and I think you should have had many offers from musicals?
RW: First, when offers come in, we divide them. There are many Super Junior members, and not just me, Kyuhyun-ssi, Sungmin-ssi, Yesung-ssi, Heechul-ssi, and Kangin-ssi have done musicals before. So the offer usually goes to other members first. It usually goes to member who can do the schedules. Highschool Musical offer thankfully came to me~ It first went to Luna, and our manager hyungnim worked hard (to get me an offer too) hehe

RW: I think there will be about 2 kiss scenes, but I don’t know if we’ll do them for real… Dongho hyung did them for real, with Soyeon noona. My first performance is tomorrow. Luna says it’s definitely a no~ we’re in a situation like that kkkk I don’t know. I’ll take care of it XD

RW: If I talk more about kiss scenes, I would think of just pretending to kiss, but Luna-ssi will suddenly grab my face and!!! ‘Ah, this person has this side too~’ and during the performance!! kk everyone, please anticipate a lot. Heh

DJ: Ryeowook-ssi, will you reveal your six pack on the musical?
RW: In the script, it says to do that, but other actors haven’t revealed theirs~
DJ: You can reveal yours!
RW: You are looking at me right now, and you can see I’m very skinny… Actually, I prepared (six pack) but I ate too much in Hawaii. So it’s sleeping right now. In the end of August, I’ll wake it up again for a short time hehe

DJ: Which member do you match well (talking/making jokes/etc) with?
RW: As for me, I don’t like handsome guys, so. Eunhyuk-ssi. I like charming guys. He also has a great body kk

RW: (Song Ryeowook request to play) Adele- ‘Someone like you’. First, Adele looks like noona to me, but she’s a dongsaeng (younger than RW). I actually want to sing this on SMTown

DJ: What kind of actor do you want to become?
RW: Through this musical, I want to hear words like ‘He sings well and acts well too’. Later, I want to become an actor with his “color”

Luna: It was hard to act while looking at him. I hold down (laughters) but Ryeowook oppa makes jokes, and I end up laughing. It was hard
RW: There are many F(x) fans, so I worry that something would be thrown on stage (during kiss scene). I am most nervous when acting with Luna.”

RW: (when asked about his first impression of Luna) I saw her first when she was 17, and she’s now 21. It’s already been 4 years. She was really like a baby back then. She was so kind… kkk
Luna: Oppa is mean (and makes lots of jokes) kk

Credit: Nksubs ‏@NKSubs
Shared at sup3rjunior.com by dreamhae


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