[Transcript] 130718 KTR (Sukira) with Ryeowook

wook: henry-ssi do you have anything you can’t do ? things you’re so bad at ?
henry: things i’m bad at ? aa~ math !!
wook: aa math !! (in eng)
henry: i can’t do it at all ! so bad !! (in eng)
wook: for me……its love ahahaha~

Korean to Japanese translated by: miyahee09
Japanese to English translated by: zureq ♪ ‏@hyukarmpits

RW: I just recently started using perfumes. I started using it because of ZE:A’s Hyungsik-ssi. Hyungsik-ssi smells really good. ‘Why do you smell so good? what is this?’. In our members, Siwon-ssi and Donghae-ssi uses perfumes the most, and the one Hyungsik-ssi uses is same as Donghae-ssi, but they felt different. When we did musical together, I asked “What perfume do you use. Tell me too.” So I tried using it, and it didn’t match me. I wanted to appeal my charms too, but it didn’t match~

(Q. Ryeok-DJ, who do you think looks more handsome in real life?) As for me, Yesung-ssi! No? People outside said no kk well. Who is more handsome in real life? Sungmin-ssi! Sungmin-ssi is really handsome in real life. But he got tanned these days kk on TV, it looks like he has some size, but it’s okay, he’s normal sized. I feel that screens make you appear chubby. After coming back from Hawaii, his tanned skin was very sexy! So I am recommending tanning to hyung so he can do activities looking like that. Tanning at beach was really different. Anyways, i think it’s nice. He was too white. Hehe and i want to hurry up and become pale again~

RW: our members are like that too (check each other before going on stage). ‘i can see something inside your nose’. We look at every little parts. We also clean each others’ ears. Kangin-ssi checks all our ears, and cleans them~ it feels really good

RW: I scolded them once. I havent said this anywhere before; they are really popular right now. When they were rookies, I scolded them. We had a collaboration, but they were late. And they came in wearing sunglasses. I scolded them then, and they became really popular after 2 years. We’re close now.

RW: I have a solo song called ‘One Fine Spring Day’ and there is “Very far away~” in the lyrics. (When I was practicing), Heechul-ssi was sleeping in the room next to mine. I wasn’t able to do the part right. ‘How should I sing it tomorrow for recording?’ “Very far away~♬” then, Heechul-ssi said “Ya!!! Very far away, (then) what!!!!!!” Kkkkkkk

RW: Leeteuk-ssi is like that. Leeteuk-ssi hates having left-over food, so he makes us eat everything. If he can’t finish his food, he gives them to others. “let’s eat everything~!” He doesn’t leave any leftovers

Korean Transcript by: Fabiola ‏@jwon0508
Korean to English translated by: Nksubs ‏@NKSubs
Shared at sup3rjunior.com by salimahsj


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