[Transcript] 130711 KTR (Sukira) with Ryeowook

RW: Yesterday on Radio Star, Kim Gura-ssi kept talking about when I was little.. Keep saying I can’t do variety shows~ I haven’t done many but heh… I got annoyed while listening.. I think I should appear on Radio Star. Anyways, our Sungmin-ssi appeared on there yesterday

RW: I’ve never done (candle event) but members have done it (to their girlfriends) many times, from what I’ve heard? Did I reveal too much? kk

RW: Once, I shared rooms with Kyuhyun-ssi. It was in the beginning. Kyuhyun-ssi came in as a new member, and we were awkward with each other, but since we are same age, we decided to try to become closer. I thought we became a bit closer, but I realized we didn’t become openly about farting. It must have been an emergency for me. In the room. I farted without making a sound. But after I farted, I went “Ya, was it you?” So Kyuhyun-ssi has been saying “He was the one who farted” since then. He kept talking about this on shows kk

RW: I like reactions so I always make jokes saying who resembles who~ Outside, there is Lee YunHee script writer, and one of our staff looks like Han Ga In, and another looks like Go Ahra-ssi kkk Our members react like “Ya, are you crazy??” I find that funny kkk

RW: I am short, compared to our members. When I was little, I was made fun of because I’m short. Now, I fight back. “aigo, what should we do~ only your neck is long”, “Your shoulder is below mine though?” and joke back with members hehe

RW: My mother kakaotalks me too many times these days. She copies things from blogs like ‘Today’s healthy food’, ‘how to drink tea well’ and sends them to me. While her son is sleeping kkk and she sends funny videos too. I am happy she found something to enjoy, but I only check. I only check to show that I read it, and I never reply. I don’t think I’ve ever read the messages she sent for a long time. I hope she controls them a bit…

RW: After live broadcast tomorrow, I went to my house in Incheon. My father was asleep, so I didn’t get to see him. I talked with my mom for about 10 minutes? I went to give her her late birthday present. My mom really liked it, like a baby. hehe. I saw her smile, so I am in good mood today

Source: Fabiola ‏@jwon0508
Translation by: Nksubs ‏@NKSubs

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