130621 Super Junior’s Ryeowook celebrates his birthday with ELF!

Super Junior’s Ryeowook turned 26 (27 in Korean age) on June 21, and ELF all over the world joined hands to congratulate him!

Fellow member Shindong gave Ryeowook what seems to be an early birthday present, and Ryeowook thanked him by tweeting, “The skateboard that Shindong hyung gave me as a present. Kya kya thanks ~^^

Super Junior-M member, Henry, also congratulated him, tweeting out, “Hyung!!!! Happy Birthday!!! I love you!!! Please pick up your phone!! ke.” Ryeowook replied, “You were so quick kekeke You called hyung during the live broadcast kekekeke Thanks Henry^~.” 

Eunhyuk also tweeted to Ryeowook, ”Ryeong Gu! I feel good because it’s your birthday today. Congrats.” Ryeowook responded, ”Hyung, that’s not how you do it… Come to Seoul quickly and congratulate me face-to-face!!!!  kekeke.”

Ryeowook also thanked ELF around the world, tweeting, ”Arab E.L.F. Thank you for the flowers^^ 89.1 go go I am with my giraffe today keke I will go to my house in Incheon tomorrow, so I brought it with me briefly keke,” and “Thank you Hong Kong fans~^^!!!!! ‘Super Show 5′ in HK cake keke.”


ELF also got ##Happy27thRyeowook and #생일축하합니다김려욱 trending on Twitter.

Happy Birthday, Ryeowook!

Source: @ryeong9 & allkpop.com
Shared at sup3rjunior.com by Heeverlasting


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