[Transcript] 130619 KTR (Sukira) with Ryeowook

RW: on my sat exam day, i ate seaweed soup and took the test. Donghae-ssi made the soup kkkk it was his heart so~ we werent that close when we were trainees kkk after debut, he took care of me, and it felt weird. `why is he feeding me seaweed soup on SAT day? is it on purpose?’ kk hyung was 20 then, and young. Ah! Donghae-ssi said his first impression of me wasnt good. he said i looked like a rude person. i didnt greet them kkkk i wasnt being rude, i was just frozen (tense)

RW: It`s my first time meeting Bumkey-ssi. but I know him like I live with him, through Kangin-ssi.
BK: I heard a lot about you too hehe
RW: when we were going to record mv last week, he said he`ll come and i thought, `does he have to come?` kkk he`s that close with kangin-ssi
BK: recording location was in Namyang right?
RW: PoChun
BK: it was a bit far so i couldnt go.
RW: yes..but if you did come, it would have been a bit awkward. kkkk

RW: Juniel congratulated me.
J: You said your birthday is in 2 days~ when Seungwoo-ssi appeared on here 2 weeks ago, we talked about birthdays.
RW: you remembered it..0_0
J: I wondered what I should do.
RW: you searched “Ryeowook” right?
J: So I searched “favorite food”,“favorite cake”,“sweet potato cake“ and it said you like all of them.
RW: I like all that and whipped cream and chocolates~!
J: so i prepared those~
RW: thank you^^


BK: I sent a text to Kangin-ssi before radio, and he replied. He asked me to talk a lot about him
RW: ah~really? He keeps telling me he wants to come on here…

sukira had a phonecall w kangin. bumkey didnt recognize kangin`s voice at first ㅋㅋ

kangin said he`s riding bicycles w friends at han river right now :)

Kangin sent a text to RW before sukira, saying “Please take care of BumKey well today~”

When RW said bye, KI: ah, you`re hanging up already? RW: yes kk see you in the dorm. KI: come home early~ RW: okay, Hyung, I love you :) ♥

Source: Fabiola@jwon0508
Translation By: Nksubs@NKSubs
Shared at sup3rjunior.com by firnia



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