[Transcript] 130530 KTR (Sukira) with Ryeowook & EXO

Ryeowook “Yesterday, when I went back to the dorm, I saw an empty plate of TtangSooYook outside the door. I saw it, and was surprised. And it wasn’t an empty bowl of Jajangmyeon! And nobody was in the dorms after I returned from the radio. I felt sad (because they ate something delicious without me).”

Ryeowook “Exo members are outside.. and this is the first time all of their members are appearing… so I think they are nervous right now, and I am also.”

Henry: “light mouthed”?
Ryeowook: It means you can’t keep secrets, and spread it.
Henry: I see.. Is there a “heavy mouthed” then?
Ryeowook: yes!
Henry: Oh~
Ryeowook: Like me, Ryeowook hyung.
Henry: … Like Ryeowook hyung… uh…
Ryeowook: kkkk We, SJ members… are all… heavy mouthed? I guess?
Henry: I think so.
Ryeowook: We are… but we love talking
Henry: We are very close friends
Ryeowook: we are light mouthed among ourselves. When something happens, we go “That happened!?”
(but heavy when it comes to those outside SJ)

Ryeowook “We’ll listen to a song then return.. Exo members right now, are in the studio and (laughing)…”
From side: laugh laugh
Ryeowook “Shh… … Baekhyun-ssi please be quiet~ kkkk”

Suho was so nervous, he was texting Ryeowook till late time last night. “What should I do, hyung!?”

Exo had to practice when Super Junior was practicing. Super Junior members watched Exo dance, and they were unable to say anything (because Exo danced so well).

Ryeowook checked each member’s phones to see if they have done the mission (to download Sukira app)

Tao wasn’t able to download it because he didn’t have a battery
Lay also hasn’t downloaded it.
They received punishment (?) of having to stand for a minute.
All messages read by Exo today will receive gifts, excluding ones read by Lay and Tao.
Lay “But hyung, manager hyung said we shouldn’t take our phones because it’s our first broadcast~~”

Ryeowook “I saw Exo’s teaser… and I was shocked…. kk I am their sunbae so… I laughed. But it was really cool. And the MV has been released today right?”

Exo “Yes”
Ryeowook “It’s really cool, people who are online should watch it right now~.”

Ryeowook “i want to read a message, but they are going too fast. Kkk.”

Luhan “I’ll do duck voice imitation.” Ryeowook “what to do, I really love duck meat! Kkk

Translation by: @NKSubs
Shared at sup3rjunior.com by lovekyu7


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