[Transcript] 130529 “High School Musical” Press Conference with Ryeowook

Ryewook “I majored in classical music composing in college.I also am good in playing basketball”

Ryeowook “See you at HSM!”

Ryeowook ”Yesterday, Lee JaeJin slept with me in my room. Our dorms are in the same apartments so I told him to come over, and we talked about the musical before falling asleep. He is a close dongsaeng of mine. He really treats me well and we talk about our worries often. He’s very honest. I think I will learn much from him.”

Ryeowook ”They started the script reading on the first day. I don’t have much musical experience but they started it right away. I have to warm up before starting but the practice became the warm up. While singing, Dongho hyung did very well. I thought he is really good. He is good in acting, handsome, tall, and good in playing basketball. His voice is also good too. So I will try to eat all the good parts about him (that means RW will try to learn DongHo’s good points).”

AOA member said “This is my first musical and sunbaenims are treating me well.” Ryeowook said “Me~?” and made everyone laugh

Lee Jaejin said “Everyone practice with their busy schedules. Ryewook hyung is DJing right now, and to practice for an hour, he goes back and forth long distances. I was very surprised. We try and record ourselves individually, and send the clips to each other. We practice while watching them. Because of schedules, there are times we cannot go to the practice. When I am absent, Ryewook hyung writes a log about the practice or record it and send it to me as a file. I felt so touched. I became teary because of his care for me despite his own busy schedules. I felt very thankful.”

Ryeowook then replied “On days I cannot go, Dongho hyungnim can write the log for me. Ensemble and everyone else are in great mood. Though this is the beginning stage of practice, we are full of energy, so I think we all will do well.”

Ryeowook “I personally like singing, acting, and dancing together with other actors. So even if i practice a scene i can practice alone, I go to the practice location to practice with others. When I am with others, i feel that I am being healed.”

Ryeowook: In Musical ‘Temptation of Wolves’, I was the role of Jung TaeSung, and I was a fighter role then. This time, I am a basketball team captain. I feel that both role has “boyish” role, and fits me. I may look short and skinny, but I have my own charisma. I guess it showed to the producers. I will do my best.”

Ryeowook “I don’t know if there will be a kiss scene in this musical or not yet, and if there is one, i will do my best. I really like it. The musical has American culture, not Korean culture so..”
He continued “While practicing, i felt that I become friends with everyone, so i really like doing musicals. Oh SoYeon noona is really white and when I first saw her, she had an angelic image. Fans really like her. They told me they wish I’d do the kiss scene with her..”
Oh Soyeon joked, “If there is a kiss scene, i will prepare for pictures of my eyes carved out”
Ryeowook continued “if i was a girl, i would have liked to have a kiss scene with Kang DongHo hyung.”
Ryeowook said”Whether or not if we’ll have a kiss scene or not will be a secret.”

Source & Translated by: Nksubs ‏@NKSubs
Shared at sup3rjunior.com by uksujusid


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