[Transcript] 130507 KTR (Sukira) with Ryeowook

Ryeowook: When Shindong-ssi and I order a chicken, I don’t eat the outside (bread/skin) part. When I rip it off, Shindong-ssi eat them all. I eat dry parts like chicken breasts well. Shindong-ssi dislikes it. So us two match well.

Ryeowook “Which member would have an opposite personality to me…? Kyuhyun-ssi? Who is there…? Because… I was an introvert…. Like it happened to Eunhyuk-ssi, after doing radio DJing by myself, people tell me I have become an extrovert. Members are pulling out sides of me that I haven’t known before

Translation by: @NKSubs

Wook: Actually I heard from Kyuhyun that you two went on a trip together..
Jay Park: No no.. not a trip..
Wook: Together with other friends..
Jay: Yes, but it’s not a trip, we went to a ski resort.
Wook: Really?
Jay: Yep yep.
Wook: Wow~ Going to ski resort can be counted as trip too.
Jay: Ah is that so?
Wook: Yes.
Jay: I see.. then yes, I went on a trip (with Kyuhyun).
Wook: Yeah enjoyably.. it seems like you and Kyuhyun get close.
Jay: Yes, Kyuhyun and I get along well.

Wook: Jaybum-ssi has boyish/younger-looking face right..
Jay: Yep, Ryeowook-ssi and I both are younger-looking. We are 27 years old right? So yeah.
Wook: Except for Kyuhyun..
Jay: Kyuhyun is…. nope. Kyuhyun is not younger-looking.
Wook: pwahahahaha
Jay: He’s not.
Wook: *giggles* ㅋㅋ

Translation by: @honeydewname

 Ryeowook “i like discount cards or collecting points too. It’s really fun. I enjoyed collecting points so much, i went to same place for an year. You know, places like where you drink smoothies. When managers go, they buy a lot, but they forget to get points for buying. So i would give them my card, and say “go get points too.” Kk is that bad? You get thousands of points!! But now, i’m too lazy to do that

Ryeowook “I wanted to get that (double eyelids surgery) too! Because my eyes sizes are different. One side has double while other has none. I thought, ‘Should i fix this~? Should i make it thicker?’”

Ryeowook “Donghae-ssi also keeps sniffling. I don’t know if he has caught a cold.”

Korean Transcript by: @jwon0508
Translated by: @NKSubs
Shared at sup3rjunior.com by salimahsj


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