[Transcript] 130503 KTR (Sukira) with Ryeowook & Henry

Ryeowook: “My dad and I wear different sizes so he can’t wear my clothes… When we were in South America, it was my father’s birthday but I forgot to give him a call. I felt … so bad ㅋㅋ. Anyways, we Super Junior members gathered … because Yesung-ssi is leaving soon. And Kangin-ssi took care of my father’s birthday. When I told others I have to go to Incheon soon, Kangin-ssi was like ‘why why?’. Then, he must have bought it at a mall.. He gave me a spring jacket to give to my father when I visit Incheon. I felt touched. I have to deliver it soon ㅋㅋ. Dad is probably listening right now and anticipating… You can anticipate, father. It’s a really nice jacket.”

Ryeowook: “Did you adjust to the time zone difference well?”
Henry: “Yes! I slept a lot in the plane.”
Ryeowook :”Really, I sat in the seat next to Henry-ssi in the plane… and Henry-ssi slept almost the entire ride. They gave meals twice, and snacks 4 times in between.. And I think Henry-ssi ate it only twice?”
Henry :”Me? I think I didn’t eat any (because I was sleeping). I think I slept 20 hours.”
Ryeowook: “I think he ate just once, when we stopped in LA to change planes.”

Ryeowook: “May 5th is Childrens’ Day in Korea. Does Canada have something like this?”
Henry: “Yes!”
Ryeowook: “Is it on the same day?”
Henry :”No…”
Ryeowook :”On Childrens’ Day in Korea, children get gifts and they have a day off from school.”
Henry “Really?”
Ryeowook :”I get gifts from my parents too … because I’m still a child to my parents.”
Henry “…”
Ryeowook: “Henry-ssi is being difficult today (by not understanding Wook’s gag) ㅋㅋㅋㅋ.”

Summary of Story today:
Girl was introduced a guy from her friend. She & guy really matched well so they talked to each other and texted each other. When she went to karaoke with her friends, she sent him “oppa~ my battery is running out~ and i’ll be playing with friends~ i think you’ll be asleep by the time I’m free to text you again?”
He replied “I think so.. My eyes (are heavy)…”
She said “okay~~”
And the guy stopped texting her completely from then on and havent contacted her since.
She asked Sukira DJ & Guests if she had done something wrong.
One of the guest said the guy could have misunderstood it, by thinking that she was trying to break off the conversation on purpose.

Ryeowook: “I was in that position before.. The girl’s.”

Lady Jane: “Gaspppp”

Ryeowook: “kkk. and I can see how he could misunderstand it. She could have sent the text to make the guy go to sleep or stop texting. Like ‘Hurry up and stop texting me.’ In her mind.”

*Ryeowook gave Lady Jane coffee from South America as a gift ^^

Ryeowook: i think on dates, the ratio (of who pays) should be 7:3 (7 for guy, 3 for girl). I think 8:2 makes me pay too much ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

Ryeowook: “My parents… Kkk told me my mom used to pay for almost all of the dates. And each time, my dad promised to treat her very well in future… But my mom was still the one to pay kkkk in the end, i think she did well… Because she gave birth to me kkkkkk.”

Ryeowook: “When my grandmother got sick before she passed away, she moved in with us. Her room was across mine and I can’t go to that room, too. My grandmother’s blanket and stuffs are still there too.. And she used to greet me whenever I went back home in Incheon.. So when I go home, i feel like she’d come out of her room to greet me..”

Source & Translation by: Nksubs ‏@NKSubs
Shared at sup3rjunior.com by lovekyu7


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