[Transcript] 130408 KTR (Sukira) with Eunhyuk, Henry & Ryeowook

Ryeowook: “When I’m in the dorm alone… Even if Heechul-ssi is full… I wake him up and eat together.. After sukira yesterday, Sungmin-ssi and I went to Hongdae to talk.. and we went back to the dorm.. and Donghae-ssi said he was hungry. Even though I have eaten already, I ate with him. Food is best when you eat with others.”

Eunhyuk: “Sukira has gotten new segments! and I will introduce you to the segments that are new and those that have survived. but why am I, not even the DJ, introducing this? It’s because I am good in reading. The script writer calls me in every time to read things like this.”

Eunhyuk: “/reading old segments/ and… this thing I read as Party in the Yooja… I get nervous every time I read this.. Party in the USA..”

Eunhyuk: “next segment, 기대해도 좋아 let’s go! …. Sukira script writers… Really have no imagination. “

Eunhyuk: “I saw Sungmin hyung before coming out from the dorm.. And he looked so comfortable.” Ryeowook: “he sleeps at normal time… He’ll probably sleep at 12 today”

Eunhyuk to Ryeowook: “ You know it’s bora right? Why didn’t you wear makeups? Do they add effects on camera? I was so surprised when I walked in and saw you.”

Eunhyuk: “I feel sorry to Kangin-ssi. We were sitting side by side in the plane to Chile.. and we were talking to each other. and as we talked, our voices got louder.. I said ‘Hyung, I hope you lose more weight’… I said it louder.. and he said ‘ok.. but can you talk softer..’.. Now that I think about it, I feel sorry because there were other celebrities around us. He must have been embarrassed. He’s very handsome now though!”

Fan: Eunhyukoppa’s xylophone (playing) is great! Eunhyuk: this xylophone was originally mine. I am best player in all of KBS!

Ryeowook: “I feel so lonely without Sungmin hyung…” Guests: “You don’t look lonely” Ryeowook: “it’s because Eunhyuk-ssi is there.” Henry: “I am here too..”

Ryeowook: “On the way here, I said Beige and Ilak-ssi will be here. He asked ‘is Beige-ssi a woman?’ I said ‘She’s very pretty. She looks like me.’ Henry asked ‘Is she a gag woman?’ Henry-ssi, how does she look?” Henry: “She’s very pretty!”

Eunhyuk: “When we go to resting areas while going to schedules, I have to eat.” Ryeowook: “What does Henry-ssi like to eat?” Henry: “I… when I first came… it looked like a pie…” Eunhyuk: “hottuk?” Henry: “yes, they are very tasty! They have disappeared now though…” Ryeowook: “It’s because winter has passed.” Eunhyuk: “Ryeowook-ssi knows how to make them. Ask him to make one.” Ryeowook: “When we were in China, I made a pie before.” Henry: “a pie?????” Ryeowook :”The pie I made was the hottuk” Henry: “ok..”

Ryeowook: “Henry-ssi when was your first love?” Henry: “I.. have only dated one person so far (*have broken up alrdy)..” Ryeowook: “Wow.. he’s being so honest!” Henry: “can I talk about this..?” Guest: “Are you going to tell us her name?” Henry: “no no.. I had started dating her in middle school.. we dated for 7 years… ” Eunhyuk: “This talk will continue in the 2nd half~~”

Guest “Do you guys still talk to your 1st loves?” Eunhyuk/Ryeowook: “….” Guest: “Well the definition of ‘first love’ is different.. like ‘is it the person I first held hands with? the first person I dated? the first person I liked one-sided?’” Eunhyuk: “But I’m the type to.. not communicate with my ex-s’”

(continuing with Henry’s first love experience)

Ryeowook: “Do you still talk with her?” Henry: “I purposely do not contact her. She’s in Canada right now and I don’t talk to her.. If I were to talk to her … I would fall in love with her again.. So I don’t meet her even when I go to Canada.”

Guests: “…how about becoming friends with your first love.. how about Eunhyuk-ssi?”

Eunhyuk: ” I think.. I could become friends with my first love, I would just need time to wrap up my feelings.” Ryeowook: “But what if you meet her and she’s with a new boyfriend?” Eunhyuk: “He wouldn’t be at my level~”

Ryeowook: “I wish people would not greet me when I am going to the bathroom… When we go to music programs, hoobaes… greet us… and..” Eunhyuk: “It’s awkward” Ryeowook: “I don’t greet them even if it’s PD-nims… anyways this is a problem only men know.” Eunhyuk: “oh right! only men” Ryeowook: “Beige-ssi’s face became red~” Eunhyuk: “Yeah, girls wouldn’t open the stall next door to say ‘hi!!’”

Eunhyuk: “As we age, I find it more awkward to talk with my sister. But she contacts me often and keep us close.. so I feel very thankful. I bought her a big~ gift for her birthday.. so our relationship is good.”

Eunhyuk:”I knew Ryeowook-ssi would do well as solo DJ. I have been recommending him to the producers too. “Ryeowook: “please come out again later when you have time” Eunhyuk: “of course!”

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