[Transcript] 130329 KTR (Sukira) with Ryeowook & Sungmin – Part 2

They were talking about a CD they got which its jacket photos mostly were taken on bed. So it was a bit sexy…
Min: i’m ok with that? I’m sexy too..
Guest: Oh, your appealing ass…ww
Min: Yes, do you want me to show you *laughs*
Wook: It’s super! It’s white and…

They were talking about a song…
Min: i want to try singing this song as a duet.
Wook: you can sing it with me then~?
Min: i want to sing with a girl!…but there’re no girl to sing with so…
Wook: so finally it’s me…?
Min: um i’ll have to think about that…

Min said that he has been liking someone for many years…

Wook: you never think of confessing?
Min: it’s my job… Well, my job is one of the reasons, the other one is i don’t think it will go well. but for me only having a person i like makes me happy, so i’m satisfied with this one-sided love.
Wook: but i think you need to stop this… I’m serious..

A fan gave them sandwiches, but Min said he doesn’t eat dinner. (He’s dieting so he eat only 1 meal a day)

When wook was talking about Zo In-sung and Song Hye-kyo min interrupted and said ‘Hmm? What about Zo In-Sung and Song Hye-kyo? Why talk about this all of the sudden?’

(Note: the translator said that Min really doesn’t watch TV much, because the drama ‘that winter, the wind blows’ by these two is quite famous now, Wook was watching it and also Yesung was the one who sang the OST)

Japanese translated: @rinpachi1031 & @mineko_mai
English translated: Natz (@kyuminupdates)


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