[Transcript] 130318 KTR (Sukira) with Ryeowook & Sungmin

Sungmin’s parents came to KTR and passed him a guitar which was his birthday present from a fan. They kept for 3 months.XD

Translate by: 미셸 ‏@Michkkl

Ryeowook & Sungmin grabbing lucky draw number from the box was prepared by staff to pick the winner of sukira quiz for tablet pc
RW: will we doing lucky draw for tablet pc again? /the staff looking said no/
SM: no no. the tablet pc is only for first winner

The listeners send message and asked abt Sungmin Pink guitar. He said it’s gift from fans and he played it abit. Guest: waaahhh~
After showed it and play with the guitar Sungmin bring the guitar back and put it inside the case

RW talking about Henry, Henry from Canada. when I said he should bought new wallet he refuse and said that korean people is weird

Source: 미림 박♔ ‏@mi870621

Sungmin: “I loved small plants… I used to raise little herbs.. but I wasn’t able to take care of it for a long time so it withered.”
Ryeowook: “I bought a cactus to keep the electric waves out. Guys usually raise plants for this purpose while girls like to raise it because they… feel soft like marshmallow at heart.”
Sungmin: “Then I’m a girl?”
Ryeowook: “No, it means your heart is as soft as a girls’.”

Sungmin: “What will you do without me (on radio DJing with you)?”
Ryeowook: “I’ll manage it somehow.”
Sungmin: “…”

Ryeowook: “I came here after eating curry :D “
Sungmin: “I want to eat it… I will make some and eat before going to sleep today”

Sungmin: “When I was little… If my mom was at her family’s house or away for a day, my dad would make a meal for me. He’d make a special sandwich. One meal (breakfast), we’d eat rice. Second meal (lunch) we’d eat what we want. Third meal (dinner), we’d eat a sandwich. I remember that it wasn’t a fancy sandwich but it had everything it’s suppose to have. I remember when I was a child, I found it really tasty” :D “

DJs were drawing numbers for the tablet PC winner.
Ryeowook:”I like number 9. Ryeong9~~~~♬”

Ryeowook said VIXX N is also wearing a hat today. N said “We’re (Ryeowook / N) soulmates!”
Ryeowook: “…”

All members of SJ are eating very little these days. Because of this, and also stress from preparing for concerts, musicals, etc, members are on the edge right now. Min/Wook DJs said they are eating little not to lose weight but to be healthy.

Ryeowook: “My parents take care of my bank account. When I get paid, I tell them to go buy some new clothes but they don’t… That saddens me.”
Guest:”But you’ll also be sad if they go out and buy bunch of expensive brand clothes.”
Ryeowook: “Uh…”
Guest 2: “What if you go home one day and find new car, rows of expensive bags, etc?”
Ryeowook: “No no I tell them to buy clothes not get a new car ㅋㅋ”
Guest: “Ooh Ryeowook DJ had a straight (emotionless) face just now”
Ryeowook: “kkkk”
Guest 2: “But what if they do get expensive brand clothes?”
Guest 1: “Best way is to buy clothes and gift it to them yourself.”
Ryeowook: “Okay. I will think about doing so after concerts end.”

Ryeowook: “We have a member… named Henry. He has a really worn out wallet. I told him, ‘Henry.. your wallet is old.. you should change it.’ but Henry said ‘Koreans are weird. I have been using this since middle school and I will continue to do until I die. I have memories with this wallet’. He said this when he was 19. He still uses this wallet. He’s very cool”

Ryeowook said N is very similar to Leeteuk because both smile all the time. And when they get angry, they don’t look angry.

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