[Transcript] 130313 KTR (Sukira) with Ryeowook

Wook:R u sad, everyone??^^; Today’s DJ is Ryeowook only because SungMin-ssi has got another work^^;I’m so sorry to all who miss SungMin. He’s gone for work to eat food. I guess he feels really full now^^

Wook:Listener gave a msg which says “Ryeowook looks nervous now~”.. Everyone thinks so??^^; I guess, because I’m alone today?? Tbh, I was nervous a little bit^^;

(during the quiz corner, JongHyun came in to help)
Wook:JongHyun- ssi~^^ How hav u been??^^
JH:Yea, long time no see~Ryeowook-hyun~~^^ In how many days??^^
Wook:Not so many dayz^^

Wook:Honestly speaking, when I felt lonely in Taiwan, I was doing jigsaw puzzle alone. At tt time, I was wondering what I was doing..kyakya^^

Wook:A listener says “Do you all know that JH and JiSoo r in the same age??”. Is that correct??
JH:Yea. Today I’m solo appearance here (as SHINee), but I’ve been here many times before, so I feel relax^^ I jus greeted “Nice to meet u~” with JiSoo-ssi, but I dun feel it’s the first(to meet other guests) coz also J-rabbit was often here with Onew-hyung DJ and I often watched them^^

(After JH finished singing)
Wook:Woah….How great ur singing is~^^ Everyone~It was not CD~(live singing^^)

JH:It’s after a long time for me to sing cover-song on radio, but I never thought that I got nervous so much as now..^^; Can you see my hands shaking??^^;
DaWoon:Please drink some water!.. Shall I open it for you? :P

(before JH sang “Because of you” by Ne-Yo)
JH:I’d practiced singing loooots of cover-songs while I was a trainee. I hoped many people to listen to my singing, and sang much on radio soon after my debuted.

Wook:I’ve prepared to sing live today. But ,, JH sang such great..so..
HyeSun:How come~~?? Please sing live~~~^^
Wook:I’l sing tmw~?? Hehe^^; Anwy JH will sing live in 2nd half, so please look forward to it much☆
HJ:I really like Justin Bieber~^^ Did you know that??
Wook:Of course~~!! Thanks to DongHae-ssi, I know tt well☆^^

Wook:SHINee members drink alcohol??
JH:Yea, all of us do^^ coz all of us have reached to the age of majority!!
Wook:Taemin-kun, too? What is Taemin-ssi doing now??
JH:He’s on another schedule now~Today only I came to sukira^^

Wook:It was not easy for me to take contact with my parents much before, but recently I often talk with mom on the phone, and send her e-mail^^ But my mom says “Is it okay to keep talking with ur mom?? Next week u’ll have a concert~You should go to practice!!” ^^
JH:I always say “I love you” when I talk with mom. I hadn’t expressed my love to here before, but recently I think I should say such things. Such words must make parents happy^^
Wook:But, u feel embarrassed a bit, rite??^^

Wook:Have u known J-rabbit for long, JungHyun-ssi??
JH:Yea!! When I often watched Onew-hyun DJ sukira, I searched them coz the voice is really great~^^
DoWoon:That’s why I said “only voice~??” then^^ (coz DoWoon plays instruments)

(When listener said “it’s my birthday today”…)
JH:It seems there are a lot of people with birthdays today~^^ There were some ppl with b-days at our Autograph Event today.
Wook:Is “March 13th” a special day??
JH:might be~^^

(after JongHyun sung “See through” by Primary)
Wook:How much did u practice this song?
JH:I’ve loved this song for long, but it’s my first time to sing this song after it’s edited. I practiced this song much for sukira☆^^ Thank u for the compliment, everyone~^^

Wook:I talked with D.O. on the phone. We talked about tt JongHyun’s singing is really great at tt time^^
JH:I’ve often practiced with D.O. and BaekHyun since they were trainees^^ It was like we lived in the lesson room together while they were preparing for an album^^
Wook:Did u teach them??
JH:Yea, but I can learn much from them as well^^

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Translate by: minejpelf ‏@MineMygf
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