[Transcipt] 130312 KTR (Sukira) with Ryeowook & Sungmin

Listener:Ryeowook oppa, u look perfect tonight~^^
Wook:Yea, I’v got some makeup~^^I didn’t have time to remove, coz I took time for dinner. Sungmin-ssi came here without dinner, but I came here after dinner~ (without removing makeup)^^

(Soon after Guests came in, while Wook was speaking)
Wook:~bo-n bon bobon bobon bobo~n♪^^
Min:What r u doing?? ^^;

(Today’s theme is “the time when u feel Spring”)
Listener:I can feel spring with strawberries.
Wook:There was one day when my mom bought loots of strawberries!
I made strawberry jam at home then^^

Wook:I changed my perfume coz spring comes close^^
Recently I spray perfume on my hair~
Beige:On ur hair??
Wook:Yea, Kwanghee-ssi told me tt it’s good to do so^^
Min:…Since when have u become to obey what Kwanghee says??^^

Wook:At my house, there is a tree of Dekopon~^^ I guess Sungmin-ssi doesn’t know..?
I sometimes take some Dekopon frm the tree to give members.
My parents got the tree when they went to Jeju-island.
My father is really good at taking care of the tree, and it’s growing well still now^^
N:It seems fun to eat Dekopon at home~^^
Min:aww..I really like Dekopon… T^T
Wook:Next time, I’ll get it for you~:P

Source: Rin ‏@rinpachi1031
Translate by: minejpelf ‏@MineMygf

Min said he usually wake up at 7 or 8 and he’ll stay lively until midnight. But when it’s spring he always feel like taking a nap during the day. And one thing he really dislike is having to wake up because of class. He said it’s really disturbing.

Source: @Moojigae881217
Translate by: Natz (@kyuminupdates)
Shared at sup3rjunior.com by myblacksmile101


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