[Transcript] 130306 KTR (Sukira) with Ryeowook & Sungmin

Wook: I uploaded a photo that we really look alike on twitter… But Sungmin-ssi here is actually more handsome~right~
Min: No…it’s… Ummm….true…

Today’s quiz is ‘Sungmin and Ryeowook, who’s older?’
Wook: I’ll give you a hint. Sungmin-ssi is super baby-faced. Actually, Sungmin-hyung is … AH!
(He unknowingly said ‘hyung’ so sungmin try to fix the situation by…)
Min: What’s wrong? Ryeowook-hyung?

(There’s a message that say ‘there’re no cool sunbae at the university, so i don’t have the urge to go)
Wook: If there’s a cool sunbae like Sungmin-ssi, going to school everyday would be fun~
Min: Ah, well i’m not that cool though ; ;
Wook: Maybe you’re the cute sunbae? ( ^ω^ )

Source: @mineko_mai
Translated by: Natz @kyuminupdates

One of the listeners asked Minwook: Who is the older among you two?
Minwook: Umm…..
Sungmin: Ryeowook ah!!!
Ryeowook: *shocked* What, Sungmin ah!!!
Sungmin: Nothing, just calling you for fun :3
Ryeowook: ……..

Ryeowook: A lot of people said that Sungmin and I look like twins recently! Like the photo I uploaded on SNS (he means Twitter), it’s a photo circulating on the China web. But Sungmin looks better!
Sungmin: Hahaha!!!! You’re right^^

Source: 미니 ‏@minniestarrr

Min DJ misread a word and said “blood donation” instead xD he apologized and said it’s because he hasn’t done donation in a while (?)

Sungmin: Many people tell us we look like twins these days!
Ryeowook: The picture we took in China, we really looked alike but Sungmin hyung is more handsome
Sungmin: Ah n~… you’re right thanks ㅋㅋ
Ryeowook: … he’s become weird

Sukira’s question today: Who is the older DJ?
Ryeowook: Hint is.. Sungmin hyung looks young! I’m not saying I look old..
Sungmin: Ryeowook-ssi is young looking too!
Ryeowook: It’s just that sungmin hyung looks TOO young

Sungmin called Ryeowook “hyung” and Ryeowook called Sungmin “Sungmin-ah” ㅋㅋ
Ryeowook: Sungmin hyung is really old~
Sungmin: Really old? what?? *hits wook*

Listener asked how to distinguish the two DJs voices.
Sungmin: I talk slower & lower tone
Ryeowook: I’m like a bird. Talk high pitch and fast

Ryeowook: Sungmin-ssi sang this (If You Leave) during concert before
Sungmin: Yes.. while sexy dancing.. ripping shirt..*rawr*
Ryeowook: Sungmin-ssi can be cool sunbaenim
Sungmin: Ne?
Ryeowook: Ah cute sunbae?
Sungmin: … :D

Ryeowook: Sometimes.. I want to go… See some water. Like han river.. or ocean… so I go to coffee shops.. to see coffee..

Ryeowook: There are some staffs… that we’ve seen.. quit soon after joining.. because their job is so hard ><

Sungmin sang “BongSook-Ee” by Rose Hotel. He said he called them the day before to ask if he could sing it live on Sukira.
Ryeowook: You two (Jeesu & Sungmin) should make a duet together
Sungmin: It was our first time singing it together. I asked him suddenly..
Ryeowook: Why didn’t you ask me to play the guitar??
Sungmin: Can you play like him?
Ryeowook: …Sorry..

Sungmin made a mistake during the live xD When the song played while guests left, he was sad. Ryeowook said “Your duet was fine~”

They read a message from a fan in Australia.
Wook: I don’t think we can give her the mobile coupon…
Sungmin: We can still send but..
Wook: How about Sungmin-ssi make sounds like you’re drinking coffee instead of the mobile coupon?
Sungmin: Me..?.. … *does it* kkk

Source: @NKSubs
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