[Transcript] 130305 KTR (Sukira) with Ryeowook & Sungmin

(Wook was talking about losing his USB and found it in Ho-Scriptwriter’s bag without knowing any idea why it ended up there)

Min: these kinf of things usually happens^^; maybe i have said this before… I bought a wire that connects TV with PC. For connecting my computer with TV when i go aboard. But i just lost it. TT and i saw Kyuhyun using the same wire so i said ‘ah! That’s the same as what i have~^^ but i lost it already’ and he said ‘that’s brcause this is yours’ maybe i forgot i lend it to him. ^^;

Wook: there’s a listener who said ‘ i forgot i was wearing glasses and i unintentionally washed my face.’ *laughs*
Min: i did something like that too! *laughs* i poured shampoo on my palm but i forgot, and instead of washing my hair i used it to wash my body..

(There’s a listener who said ‘because the Today is corner is about forgetfulness, a thought about an eraser come to my mind.~TT)
Wook: a memory about a movie right~
Min: Movie? “A moment to remember”?
Wook: Um. The one with Jung woosung-ssi and Son Yejin-ssi ^^
Min: it was beautiful^^
Wook: i really love it!! pq ❤
Min: *laughs*

Note: A moment to remember’s Korean name was “Eraser in my head”

Min: i’m a type of person who love to turn off the light… So at the dorm, even when someone is inside the bathroom, i turn the light off^^;
Wook: …Sungmin-ssi just loves turning off the light. (´∵`) even though there’s someone in it (the bathroom)

Wook: Just a while ago, when the song was playing, someone mailed.
Guest: Who?
Wook: EXO’s D.O.-ssi, do you know him? He mailed…”you must be tired…” *laughs* “i laughed a lot~! Please keep your strength up!” It seems like he’s watching the bora.~^^
Beige: cute~
Min: D.O. Is cute~ (o´ω`o)

Min: this is a story way back then when i practised in the practice room for a whole day and rode a bus to go back to the dorm after that… Me, Junsu-ssi and Eunhyuk-ssi practised and rode a bus back together. We were really tired and while we were sitting and sleeping… The bus shaked violently and Junsu-ssi fell down to the floor. Even that, he still didn’t open his eyes and keep on sleeping~ *laughs*

Min: Oh! Ryeowook-ssi, please read this message!
Wook: ….No ////
Min: Read it!
Wook:…”DJ Ryeowook~ you said that when it becomes march, you’ll play guitar for us right?”
Min: how is that going? *laughs*
Wook: … Well, it’s march already~^o^
Min: So?so?
Wook: So there’ll be March next year too. \(^o^)/

Japanese translated: @rinpachi1031
English translated: Natz (@kyuminupdates)

Ryeowook: I was gifted an expensive USB with decorations on it and stuff.. I looked for it everywhere… manager hyung had borrowed it before… and few days ago, Ho script writer sent me a picture “Is this yours?” … it was in her bag…;;;
Sungmin: how did that happen?
Ryeowook: I must have forgotten to get it back.. sometimes I give her my USB for MR

Ryeowook: I once had contacts on.. and I was going to wash my face… and I tried so hard to take my glasses off.. until I realized I had contacts on…

Min- Today was warm ! Ryeowook- I know! I went outside wearing a jacket and was surprised when I got sweaty in my armpits!

Beige said Ryeowook notices changes well. He was like “Oh noona… did you… get your hair color changed a bit?” when she walked in

Ryeowook said he likes stories about farting..

Ryeowook: I’ve called people by accident while thinking about them. I’d be like “uh.. yeah… Err…”

Ryeowook- I get a mental breakdown when I see people in our concerts who watch us like they are here to judge us, like “lets see how you do”

Fan’s gag:”What is a bag SHINee wears? SHINee’s back (bag)” Ryeowook: We should call SHINee to see what they think abt this gag..;;

Ryeowook- my parents got married when I was 6… our family financial situation wasn’t well so they got married late (Note:  they were married document-wise, just had the ceremony when Wook was 6)

Ryeowook- my mom looked great in white heels! she had really skinny legs too! Really pretty legs :]

Exo D.O. sent Wook a text while music played “You are tired right hyung? I’m laughing a lot~ Fighting hyung!”Ryeowook hyung and sungmin hyung drink water at same time!” (Part of D.O.’s text to wook)

Ryeowook: You know when you cough on buses, you cough towards the window… and when something… gets coughed out together… what do you do? Wipe it…?
Sungmin: what did you do?
Ryeowook: I pretended that I didn’t notice it… why didn’t I say that my friend did this…?

Wook- when I was in elementary school.. I used to get hand-me-down uniforms from the biggest sized hyung in the neighborhood…

Credit: @NKSubs


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