[Transcript] 130228 KTR (Sukira) with Ryeowook & Sungmin (SHINee)

 Sungmin randomly said “Oh I want to eat chicken galbi” and Kim Youngee (gag woman) went and bought a box for him

The Sukira quiz hint today was “ㅅㅌ” and Sungmin said “Shim.ta.. (shimshimtappa)? oh wait.. that’s a program our friend does kk”

Onew: it’s been 343 days since we last met DJs: have u been counting it? Onew: … it’s on the script Minho: he’s not the type to count that

Key carries cold medicine in his bag. Onew seems to be catching his cold (according to members)

Wook said Taemin is dressed like Heechul today xD

Min talked about the rookie days when Wook lost his shoe during Miracle performance. Wook cried a lot after it

Minho talked about the time Key failed to give Taemin his mic during Replay (rookie days) Key-“Don’t even talk about that time”

SHINee will be phone-contacting with Dream Girl/Boy fan later. SHINee- “It’s not Jun Hyun Moo-ssi right?”

Q(what is Dream Girl to SHINee?) Jonghyun: SHINee World…?

Onew: My existence is Piano. Piano is me and I am piano Minho: when he dates, he always plays piano

Jonghyun: Rumor is that he carries a piano around with him on dates Onew: Grand piano… spinning it XD

Fan( what are you drawing on paper Key oppa?) Minho: after hearing Chicken commercial, he kept drawing chicken & writing it

DJs- Do you guys eat late night snacks? SHINee : Not often.. because our faces get swollen next day

fan with name Sohn Ye Jin sent a message & asked what song they liked most. Jonghyun- Me? Sohn Ye Jin-ssi Minho- That’s not our song

Ryeowook: what SJ song do you guys like most? Minho: Rockstar Onew: Reset

Key: I dislike it whenever my friends ask me to sing our (SHINee) songs whenever we go to karaoke together

Ryeowook: Our friends ask us to sing Sorry Sorry all the time

Ryeowook’s favorite song from SHINee’s new album is Aside

Wook keeps saying Eunhyuk is ugly ;A; (as a joke)

Onew: he (taemin) breaks pencils while holding them! Ryeowook: Like Donghae-ssi

Wook said he’s actually the ugly one and apologized to Key/Eunhyuk fans.

Min: Eunhyuk-ssi doesn’t take many selcas though… Ryeowook: I do… most ugly member (a joke) takes most selca.. haha

Open Studio “It’s raining” Min/Wook: You guys don’t have an umbrella? Open Studio: “No”

Wook “Oh.. I guess you have to get rained on then.” Min:

Min- I want to become an umbrella for you guys..♥

Wook : Start march off well… /talks/ Min: You sound like a teacher Wook: It’s because I’m oppa! Fan outside: u’re not an oppa to me

Credit: @NKSubs

Wook: today is the last day of february~^^
Min: oh that’s true.. TT
Wook: tomorrow it will be march!
Min: it’s the start of new month, march!
Wook: i had already talked about this during the opening, but when i’ve prepared everything and still have no way out, i’ll just keep still and wait.
Min: Now i’m dieting so i’m eating less. But because of the busy work, when i don’t eat and i don’t have any power or when i don’t have physical strength, it’s troublesome. “Should i eat… Ar no… Should i keep tolerate this..” *laughs*

(During the songs, it looks like they’re trying to decide who’s the ‘wrist king’ = the one with the longest wrist circumference)
Wook: there’s a listener who said ‘it must be Jonghyun who has such a stong muscle!’
Min: there’s some people who said it might be key or onew too.^^ but Taemin’s facial expression during that time… *laughs*
Taemin: umm… Me, right! I think it is not yet decided that i’ll be last on this list! *full of confidence*
Wook – 14 cm
Taemin – 15 cm
Onew – 16 cm
Jonghyun & Key – 16.2 cm
Minho – 16.3 cm

Minho: we compete in such a detailed level ~ *laughs* (in decimal points)

(They were talking about Key and his selca, and he said it is part of a fashion, and wook opposed to that and said ‘unexpectedly, people who takes lots of selca are the ugly ones. Like Eunhyuk-ssi (=゚ω゚)ノ ‘)
Min: there’s a listener who said “today the victims is Eunhyuk-ssi, who is not even here. ~ ‘ *laughs* but actually, Eunhyuk-ssi doesn’t take take a lot of selca.
Wook: but i do.. The number one in ugliness… *laughs* and i’m apologizing to fans of Eunhyuk and Key around the world (;∀;) *laughs*

Wook: in the middle of the fans, on stage, team power becomes a subject…^^
Jonghyun: during the first live broadcast, the mic stands breaking down was happening. But still, we deal with it smooth enough for the viewer to not know whether it broke down or not. And i think the fans who were watching praised us for being like that.^^
Key: Minho-hyung’s stand actually broke down. Though everyone praised us (about looking like everything’s fine) but he was doing a lot of things in front of me, so i can’t help but notice it. *laughs*
Minho: actually before we go on stage, i had a feeling the mic stand was in dangerous condition so i fixed it with a tape and went on stage. At that time I thought ‘will the PD pause the song for me?’, but it turned out everything continue just like that… *laughs* so everyone was thinking ‘we have to do something..’ So we try to deal with it… And i think the fact that we can perform along just like that received appraisals. ^^ to us, it was a shocking incident too! *laughs* but in the past, when something like this happened, it’ll be shown immediately on our faces. As the live continues, we’ll look impetient or something like that, but now, still we feel impetient but we just don’t show it on our faces anymore.
Wook: Taemin, did you know something like this was happening? *laughs*
Taemin: yes~! *laughs*
Wook: it’s not just because you practices for the moves after the mic stand broke but it’s because of SHINee’s amazing team power too~^^!

Japanese translated: @rinpachi1031
English translated: Natz (@kyuminupdates)


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