[Transcript] 130226 KTR (Sukira) with Ryeowook & Sungmin

Sungmin: many people used to tell me i look better in real life. With photoshop, photos improved. One causing stress now are videos!

Today’s topic is “moment I looked ugly” and Wook said he always looked good xDD

Wook said his graduation picture is very handsome & his childhood photos are very cute xD

i find bed-hair lovely! Sometimes i want to walk outside with bed-hair! (sungmin)

Sungmin: i took a picture of Ryeowook’s bedhair one day & took the picture to the hairshop to get my hair styled that way

Jeesu said he saw Donghae few days ago & saw Hae’s body was really built. DJs said members are trying to shrink his muscles xD

fan: ryeowook oppa show us your abs too! Ryeowook: ah 1 shaped abs… Had them last year xD

Ryeowook: when we go eat, i look at members and think who eat a lot and who eat little. I sit next to those who eat little

Ryeowook: i sit next to Donghae hyung and Eunhyuk hyung Sungmin: Eunhyuk eats a lot sometimes

Jeesu: who sits with Shindong then!? Sungmin: he usually has a whole table to eat xD

Ryeowook: Yesung hyung also eats little

Ryeowook- my eyes have different sizes so i have to use eyeliner sometimes

Source: ¤NKsubs¤ ‏@NKSubs

There’s a listener who said Minwook DJ look like twin today and when wook looked at the monitor he said in panic voice
Wook: wow that’s true. Why does my face look chubby today? That made us looks similar.
Min: because last night ryeowook-ssi didn’t have enough sleep. What were you doing?
Wook: i ate outside yesterday. Maybe i ate too much so my face became chubby…. But sungmin-ssi doesn’t need to eat to look chubby. ^^
Min: Arghhhhh i have to lose more weight T^T

Thai translated: Moojigae881217

#sungmin the narcissist

Beige: occasionally when i see people who are beautiful even though they don’t wear any make up, i feel embarassed for myself who put so much efforts in putting on make up
Min: ah… I’m sorry for that

When the guest said his blood type is AB, wook’s expression was like ‘oh!’
Min: what? You like AB people?
Wook: yes, i do
Min: guy? You mean guys with blood type AB?
Wook: umm, somehow that hard-to-understand unique characteristic is very attracting.

(Translator’s note: just for your information, Yesung is also an AB guy ;P)

Japanese translated: @mineko_mai

Wook: when i go to eat something like Yakiniku with SJ members, i really have to think about who to sit next to. *laughs* “this person doesn’t eat much…” or “this person eats a lot” i consider something like that. *laughs*
Min: eh!? Really? *laughs*
Wook: umm i eat quite a lot so i’ll sit next to a person who doesn’t eat much, like Donghae-ssi. Also Eunhyuk-ssi is also the doesn’t-eat-much type.~
Min: in eunhyuk-ssi’ case, when he’s really eating he actually eat a lot *laughs*
Wook: so… i usually sit next to Donghae-ssi … And Yesung-ssi also doesn’t eat much~ but to think like this really make me a bad guy. *laughs*

Beige: this is what i think was a bit strange before… But now even male idols have to have some eyeliners on when they go stage, right? Sometime even thicker than girls…
Wook: i think a lot of newcomers do that ^^ and also people whose eyes are small or the right and left eyes are not the same sizes *laughs* personally, i am the type of person whose right and left eyes are not the same sizes too.~ *laughs*

(Talking about the good body figure of the guest…)
Guest: lately, i met SJ on a TV program! I met Donghae-ssi and i thought he was a foreigner~!!
Min: Donghae-ssi is a type of person who exercise with all his efforts ^^; but now when he said ‘i have to work out and build more muscle’ our members will stop him just there. *laughs*

Japanese translated: @rinpachi1031

English translated: Natz (@kyuminupdates)
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