[Transcript] 130218 KTR (Sukira) with Ryeowook & Sungmin (cuts)

Wook: just now… *laughs* i looked at Sungmin-ssi face and laugh ‘huhu’! So he whispered ‘what??’ And laughs. I never have a really fair-and-square look at Sungmin’s face, so that’s what i did. And i laugh when i was looking at him because i was thinking ‘wow~ he’s actually pretty handsome~” only that, and i got “what!!” as a reply! *laughs*
Min: i wasn’t doing anything but when i looked this side, i see Ryeowook-ssi laughing scarily…! Hey! Come here…`o´! *laughs*

(There’s a music quiz that the answer was the song 취중진담 (drunken truth))

Min: Kyuhyun-ssi used to sing this song once.^^
Wook: it’s a famous song every guys sing at least once in karaoke^^ though i’ve never sing it before (゚ε゚)
Min: it’s a song you sing after a drink(alcohol)~ even in tv drama, Lee bumsoo-ssi sang in and it became a topic.
(Ryeowook started singing…)
Wook: i actually don’t know the song very well~^^; sungmin-ssi sings it better than me, so please sing♥
Min: why are you making me do this?^^;
Wook: because you’re good at it♥♥
(So min sings…)
Wook: wow~!! Beautiful ≧▽≦ actually, i’ve never ever sing the song…
Min: really? Never ever? *laughs*
Wook: not even once~ *laughs* my friends sing it at the karaoke very often so i got sick of it^^; and it doesn’t match my voice well… Because It’s a song Cho kyuhyun-ssi sings~ i just cn’t sing songs that he sings. Kekeke

(There’s a listener who said she has a good looking boyfriend but no sense in fashion and asked what to do)

Wook: buy him clothes as a present is one good choice ^^
Min: but this type of people, even though you give it to him as a gift, they won’t wear it.TT
Wook: even though you give it to him as a present, he’ll just change to wear the style he like, kinda like that right *laughs*
Min: what…!!(゚д゚)
Wook: now the warm-hearted guy style (the kinda guy that makes your heart feels warm when looking at him) is popular right? It’s a style univesity students like. It seems like the model of this style is Kyuhyun-ssi. He’s tall, he has small face and fair skin… And i think His fashion style is to wear something that make a good impression^^
Min: somehow, i’m suddenly sad….
Wook: but surely you can ask for advice… Just that i think the situation will be better~^^
Min: Um um… My style has some problems, right?
Wook: i wouldn’t say it’s a problem~^^;
Min: i have no interest in fashion and such so it’s difficult, but even i have interest, the style is still …^^; for me, if my girlfriend said “if you wear this, i think it’ll suit you well”, i’ll frankly wear that.^^ but this guy(the listener’s bf) seems to not be that type…
Wook: it’s like enforcing your own style on him, right ^^;
Min: umm what to do…
Wook: break up? Ehehe
Min: that’s it…!! How about going on the variety show “Hello” and get comments? *serious*

Japanese translated: @rinpachi1031
English translated: Natz (@kyuminupdates)


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