[Transcirpt] 130219 KTR (Sukira) with Ryeowook & Sungmin

Min said there was a time when he was in a musical. And 2 hours before the show, something was wrong with his throat and his voice was gone. His body was in bad condition and he didn’t know what to do. But when he was trying to find a solution, he suddenly laugh and laugh really hard people around him wondered if he’s okay. So in the end, he did perform on that round succesfully though it was pretty tough. And this teaches him to keep smiling and fight whatever to come.

Min said that there was once when SJ finished their schedule and because it was really cold when the car parked in front of the dorm, everybody rushed out and went back to their rooms. But when Min come down to the car for their next schedule tomorrow morning, he found Shindong sleeping in the car (since last night). they thought they woke him up already. apparently he didn’t wake up but all members and the manager thought everyone was out of the car already.

Thai translated: Moojigae881217
English translated: Natz (@kyuminupdates)

Wook : I read the news of an interview of Kyuhyun. He claims that he has never dated anyone before since he was born… This is just too ridiculous and impossible!

Chinese translated: 曺敏贞_LN
English translated: Mii (@kyuminupdates)

Beige: suddenly there’s something i wanna ask…there’re a lot of members in SJ right?^^ if you spend a lot of time together, will your preference in girls starting to be in the same way?
Wook: right~ it does become the same in some cases.^^ but normally everyone like pretty girls right?
Beige: i was wondering does it create competitvie feeling(between them)?
Wook: no, there’s nothing like that~^^ our members are all open to each other. oh by the way, kyuhyun-ssi was featured on an ambiguous article that is about “a person who is single (has never dated) since the day he/she was born”…
Min: so he’s out of the question *laughs* why is he on that article anyway…

Wook: there’s someone saying “Sungmin-oppa! Today your cloth looks like broccoli~^^”
Min: really?^^ today i’m wearing broccoli cloth~^o^
Wook: also you kinda look like Dooly, or shrek… Huhuhu

Note: Dooly the little dinosaur is a cute green dinosaur that is a korean cartoon

Japanese translated: @rinpachi1031
English translated: Natz (@kyuminupdates)


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