[Transcript] 130209 KTR (Sukira) with Ryeowook & Sungmin

Listener: tomorrow is Lunar new year~
Wook: Manager-hyungs all went back to their hometowns, right~
Min: there’re hyungs who went back since yesterday and today too^^
Wook: But while everyone go back to their howetowns, we’re here! Doing live broadcast~^^

Wook: When i entered SM, i was Reaーlly happy! It’s a feeling of obtaining it all!
Min: Yes yes!
Wook: it was just the start, but i felt like i was a big star! ^^
Min: feel like you became a singer already, right!!^^
Wook: during that time when i entered SM, i also feel like people passing by looks at me too. www

(While reading through posts, ryeowook stutters…)
Min: Ryeowook-ssi’s mouth doesn’t seem to move steadily~ ww
Wook: *mumbling mumbling*
Min: are you Donghae-ssi? *laughs*
Wook: *mumbling*

Wook: Sungmin-ssi and i were on the phone just some time ago and everyone ask who it was~^^; firstly, it is not Eunhyuk-ssi, right? *laughs*
Min: definitely not eunhyuk~!
Wook: and so who are we talking about…
Min: the PD is making uneasy face!! So let talk about this later ww
Wook: but we already started the talk now…^^; *laughs* the phone call was from EXO’s baekhyun. He said ‘happy newyear, hyung’ ^^
Min: and he said ‘so, hyungs are on live broadcast’^^ ‘you guys can’t call right?’ ^^ *laughs*
Wook: there’s a mail from EXO’s D.O.-ssi that said happy new year to people who are listening to Sukira too. And he said ‘please listen to Sukira even more’^^ it seems like the EXO kids are watching now~^^
Min: but he said ‘i don’t know, i was watching only when i made the call~ hyung!’ So he probably not watching anymore.
Wook: Ah~! That is probable! *laughs* they seems to be good at that ne~ www

Wook: I’ve been told by my mom that i should be fatter.~
Min: lately, you’ve become even slimmer~
Wook: lately, i’m a bit..ah, not really.
Min: you became fatter?
Wook: yeah, it increased a bit and now it stopped. ~^^ *laughs*

Listener: Lately, i’ve been dieting, but on Lunar new year i ate a lot of delicious stuffs and became fat again~pq
Min: that’s fine^^ food cooked by your mom wouldn’t make you fat^^
Wook: did your mom said that to you?
Min: yes^^ she said ‘what your mom cooks doesn’t make you fat’ ^^ *laughs*

Japanese translated: miya (miyahee09)
English translated: Natz (@kyuminupdates)


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