[Transcript] 130129 KTR (Sukira) with Ryeowook & Sungmin

Guest: Seem like Sungmin-ssi has been missing Ryeowook-ssi lately.
Sungmin: What are you saying!
Guest: You’re just like that. Searching for Ryeowook name in computer.
Ryeowook: Ah~because I always do so.

Japanese Translated: @saran0811
English Translated: @zayncher

Min: The guests said they didn’t know whether Ryeowook-ssi was here or not because I did DJ-ing well while you were not here. *laughs*
Wook: I’ve listened to this program while I was outside the country…
Min: I did DJ-ing well didnt I?
Wook: Yes *laughs*

Min: There were many listeners who said they wanted to see Ryeowook DJ while Ryeowook-ssi wasn’t here~
Wook: I heard Sungmin-ssi also said he wanted to see me!
Min: Eh? Who said? Who?
Wook: You said it didn’t you!!
Min: Did I? To you? I didn’t~!! *laughs*

Min: A listener wrote on the board ‘Do you go to the toilet without any troubles?’ I went to the toilet and I went outside after washing my hands. There were many worldwide fans~ I was a bit late on going back to the studio because I gave my autographs to them~^^

Wook: I’ve realized something after we left Sukira for a while. Every time it’s 10PM it will remind me about Sukira, and I wanted to see everyone, scriptwriter noona and PD, even Sungmin-ssi too.
Min: Who did you want to see the most?
Wook: Ummm Sungmin-ssi?
Min: Except me! We were together (During SJM schedules) right?
Min: I wanted to see Ho-scriptwriter. She kept on sending mail to me ^^; I want to thank her.
Min: Well the person you wanted to see the most is Ho-scriptwriter, ok *laughs*
Wook: Kyuhyun-ssi said to me that I was strange!! (About how Ryeowook missed Sukira so much)
Min: I think he might say the same thing to me too *laughs*

Japanese translated: miya (miyahee09)
English translated: Harru and Krizel (@kyuminupdates)

Guest: you guys have too good relationship, that you don’t mind each other farting.^^;
Wook: i didn’t like it at first~ because we’re human too^^;
Min: I have only one thing to ask from our members, “please, only on stage, please don’t fart!” ww

Japanese translated: miya (miyahee09)
English translated: Natz (@kyuminupdates)

Wook: Eunhyuk-ssi is the type of person that when someone said ‘let me have a bite’ at something he’s eating, he’ll say ‘just go eat it all’ Min: i’m like that too lately. *laughs* because he/she will eat it anyway, why don’t give all of it to him/her and buy something different and eat that one instead. ^^ Wook: Donghae-ssi is…ah… He’s not listening to the radio, right? *laughs* he always ask me to eat with him. So i usually prepare food for 2 people for that purpose. *laughs* Min: it’s become donghae-ssi’s habit, to say ‘let me have a bite’ *laughs* but oh! by the way, today i had a meal with Siwon-ssi~^^ we drank a bit of wines too….

Japanese translated: @rinpachi1031
English translated: Natz (@kyuminupdates)

Ryeowook: There will be Sukira Front Yard Concert tomorrow! We will have 2 hours to work outside!
Sungmin: Only 2 hours! But seem like tomorrow’s weather will be colder. It will be good if the weather is warmer than today’s.

Japanese translated: @rinpachi1031
English translated: cherzayn (@kyuminupdates)


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