[Transcript] 130104 KTR (Sukira) with Ryeowook & Sungmin

Listener: I’m a fan of Ryeowook oppa! I was dumped today~ please comfort me~
Wook: Ah, she was dumped then broke up, right?
Min: I think so.
Wook: Ah~ she had a boyfriend…
Min: Is it bad if Ryeowook-ssi’s fan had a boyfriend? *laughs*
Wook: No no I don’t mind, but it just feel strange~

Wook: There are many kinds of kimchi~ White kimchi…

Min: Welsh Onion kimchi, Water kimchi and so on.
Younghee: There seems to be many kinds of kimchi at Ryeowook-ssi’s house~
Wook: Yes there are~^^

Wook: I made sweet potato bread!
Younghee: I don’t believe that! *laughs*
Wook: I really made it! I posted a photo on Twitter too!
Min: Then he gave some to us, members!
Younghee: Was it delicious?
Wook: Yes it was!!

-Today’s topic is ‘Dignity of supper’ so they are talking about meal-

Listener: I started to go on diet but I might give up~
Min: Let’s endure together!! Let’s go on diet together, everyone!!

Wook: I think people who are watching bora already know. We went outside the studio. I heard a thumping sound, so I thought Sungmin-ssi fell because of starving too much~! But the sound was actually by a falling thing ^^; I was surprised~ *laughs*

Japanese translated: miya (miyahee09)
English translated: Harru & Krizel (@kyuminupdates)

Ryeowook: fans will always prepare food support for us, if there is 갈비찜 the members will really be happy! especially eunhyuk, he really loves eating that!

ryeowook: even though kangin is on a diet, he still eats potato bread everyday! Potato bread is really effective for losing weight! I’m thinking if it’s my credit that kangin is so slim now? ^^

Japanese translated: miya (miyahee09) -MOUIII-
Credit: @ryeongabs

#Sukira Wook said his mom like to made kimchi gimbab for him & his dad. it’s really delicious till made him wanna eat that

Credit: @mi870621


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