[INFO] Sukira Schedule 140609 – 140615

슈키라 스케줄:
  • [Monday] 140609 with Lee Jang Woo, Reoorter Hwang Min Young, Park So Young, NC.A
  • [Tuesday] 140610 with Kim Young-Hee, Seo Tae-Hun, DICKPUNKS Taehyun
  • [Wednesday] 140611 with Juniel, Hong Dae Kwang, Yoo Bal Ee, Park Kyung Hwan  [보이는 라디오]
  • [Thrusday] 140612 with Oksang [보이는 라디오]
  • [Friday] 140613 with San-E, Sunday, Lee Guk Joo [보이는 라디오]
  • [Saturday] 140614 with Crayon Pop
  • [Sunday] 140615 pt. 1 with Soran Go Young Bae ; pt 2 with Kwon Soon Il, Kim Gan Ji

[보이는 라디오]는 KBS 인터넷 라디오 [콩], 스마트폰 [K플레이어], [슈키라] 앱으로 볼 수 있습니다~!!

*[보이는 라디오] Bo-i-neun Radio (BoRa) means it’s viewable radio. You can stream/ watch it through KBS Internet Radio [Kong], Smartphone [K-Player], Sukira application (for iOS)~!!


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2 thoughts on “[INFO] Sukira Schedule 140609 – 140615

  1. yukito January 20, 2013 at 10:14 am Reply

    do you know why there is no Ryeowook??/ does he has a schedule w KRY??

    • ryeonggu9 January 20, 2013 at 10:46 am Reply

      yes, KRY concert in Budokan ^^

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