[INFO] Sukira Schedule 140609 – 140615

슈키라 스케줄:
  • [Monday] 140609 with Lee Jang Woo, Reoorter Hwang Min Young, Park So Young, NC.A
  • [Tuesday] 140610 with Kim Young-Hee, Seo Tae-Hun, DICKPUNKS Taehyun
  • [Wednesday] 140611 with Juniel, Hong Dae Kwang, Yoo Bal Ee, Park Kyung Hwan  [보이는 라디오]
  • [Thrusday] 140612 with Oksang [보이는 라디오]
  • [Friday] 140613 with San-E, Sunday, Lee Guk Joo [보이는 라디오]
  • [Saturday] 140614 with Crayon Pop
  • [Sunday] 140615 pt. 1 with Soran Go Young Bae ; pt 2 with Kwon Soon Il, Kim Gan Ji

[보이는 라디오]는 KBS 인터넷 라디오 [콩], 스마트폰 [K플레이어], [슈키라] 앱으로 볼 수 있습니다~!!

*[보이는 라디오] Bo-i-neun Radio (BoRa) means it’s viewable radio. You can stream/ watch it through KBS Internet Radio [Kong], Smartphone [K-Player], Sukira application (for iOS)~!!

[Transcript] 140922 KTR (Sukira) with Ryeowook

Ryeowook: Our members are all resting, only I still have radio’s schedule hahahahaha and Eunhyuk-ssi.. Wants to watch movie, I must end radio quickly to go. Watching movie later at 12.10am, how do I rush to the venue in 10 min hahaha

Ryeowook said while he is doing radio, members have holidays and have gone to Jeju, Busan etc

Source: 銘儀__
Translated by: Elfninida @elf_ninida

Ryeowook: Just received a message… “Ryeowook are you asleep?” “What asleep… I am doing bora~” “oh… yah” that was sent by a manager who went to Jeju with Kyuhyun… Kyuhyun and Changmin went to Jeju to play together~ 1 of the manager went along too… Now everyone is teasing me (because he is the only 1 who has to work XD)

Source: Giraffe_Girls

Fan wrongly said she loved Hyuk instead of Wook.
RW: Hanging up
Fan: I love oppa’s singing
RW: I’ll tell that to Eunhyuk

Credit: 金圣诞是理想型)

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[Fancam] 140919-21 SS6 in Seoul Ryeowook Solo

140919 Day 1

Credit: Korean Fancam

140920 Day 2

Credit: Naryeowook @ youtube [나려욱닷컴]

140921 Day 3

Credit: PrideHJ
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Ryeowook’s Birthday Celebration Mini Project

Hi guys, as you know ryeowook’s birthday is coming soon and it’s less than 2 weeks /claps/ so I want to do something on his birthday this year. Not something big, but just a little celebration to help the birthday hashtag to get into the trending topic ^^  So here it is :

I’m going to ask one question in twitter, you just need to answer it by mention me (@milktearw); mention @ryeong9 (So that ryeowook /might/ read it lol); put the birthday #hashtag (Ryeowook’s birthday hashtag will depends) and put your answer. Twitlonger is allowed but less than 140 characters is better. Example :
@milktearw @ryeong9 #Happy28thBirthdayRyeowook I like Ryeowook because he’s cute and talented<3
N.b: The answer that didn’t follow the rule like I’ve stated won’t be count. One account one mention only and please use English!
Okay, so what’s the question? It’s easy, only one question 😀
“What does Ryeowook meant to you?”

I’m going to retweet all of your mentions and two best answer will be given a little gift from me. It’s a ryeowook related gift and a creative handmade thing made by me xD I’m going to start it from Friday, 20th June at 10 pm KST until Saturday, 21st June 10 pm KST. The best answer will be announced two days later.

Last but not least, I hope a lot of ELF especially ryeong stans could participate ^^ I held this celebration just for fun only /tbh/ and to show ryeowook how much we love him and he meant for us♡♡♡ The gift will be announced soon after I’ve finished with itㅋㅋㅋㅋ Thank you for your attention!!


(Find me @milktearw if you have any questions)

130821 KTR (Sukira) Official Update [5P]

Broadcast date: 130817 ; Recording date: 130816 ; Guest:  Bigstar, Tahiti

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130821 KTR (Sukira) with Ryeowook & Eunhyuk [FULL]

Credit: Excentrique Zen
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130821 KTR (Sukira) with Ryeowook & Eunhyuk (Cuts)

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[Transcript] 130821 KTR (Sukira) with Ryeowook & Eunhyuk

Because it’s Sukira’s 7th anniversary, Eunhyuk DJ is there!

Kyuhyun was planning to come on sukira too but he had a recording ㅠㅠ

Hyuk: I was exercising and.. members don’t text each other much because we see each other every day. He sent “hyung…”
RW: I didn’t say anything else, just “hyung”
Hyuk: and I already knew something was up. he said “It’s Sukira’s 7th anniversary.” I knew it was coming up, but forgot the exact date. I thought, are we going to pass the date without anything special? and when he text me, I didn’t have any schedules, so I came on here.

Hyuk said RW’s DJ-ing skills have gotten much better ^^b

Hyuk mentioned that today is SJ member Kibum’s bday \o/

What is Sukira to EH? EH: in past, it felt like ‘my house’. Now it feels like ‘my cousin’s house’. I still feel comfortable coming here

Hyuk mistook one of the guest’s names. He shouted “miss korea?!? Is she really appearing on here!?” And RW said “no~ that’s a guy~” xD

EH says he tends to forget things a lot. for ex, when he goes out, he is never able to walk out just once. He has to go back several times

EH thought ‘I need to shop when I go to Hawaii!!’ and but when he arrived, he forgot to bring all his cards. He had to use managers’ cards ㅋㅋㅋ he said he felt sorry then for borrowing it ㅋㅋ

RW said when he forgot his school slippers, he would buy them. HJ said he liked sports,& would just receive punishment(for not wearing them)

Eunhyuk is making fun of the script writers ㅋㅋ RW said one of the script writer has gone on diet and EH said “on diet for 7 years!?” and sang 7 years of love w lyrics “have been on diet for 7 years~ nobody noticed~”

RW said “funny wrong answers have come!” and HJ said “na, they are’t funny. just wrong answers~”

RW: I like this style (EH) of DJing ㅋㅋ EH:u have to say boring ones are boring. Bc if u say it’s funny, they’ll believe it’s funny & send more

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